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Safety Apps for REALTORS®

REALTOR® Safety Apps for Your Mobile Device Could be Lifesavers

In the wake of the tragic murder of Arkansas REALTOR®, Beverly Carter, a stark reminder looms for all REALTORS®: safety must be the highest priority in our line of work. The National Association of REALTORS® has dedicated an entire section of their website to REALTOR® Safety , including strategy planning, best practices and news. Additionally, various safety tools are available in the form of apps for your mobile phone. Tools ranging from geo-code-tagged photo generators (IcePics) to emergency location reporters (Guardly, SafeTrec) should be essential downloads for all Real Estate professionals. In a moment of dire emergency, they may mean the difference between life and death.

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Requirements for Septic System Owners

Are you including this free informational brochure in your New Listing packets for homes on septic system? Have you provided it to buyers considering a home on a septic system?  This guide is the direct result of important advocacy work done by the PAAR/IAR (excellent example of the value of advocacy dollars!!!) in collaboration with Peoria County. The guide is intended to help buyers and sellers understand how recent changes to the Private Sewage Disposal Code will affect them. For home owners/sellers it summarizes the important maintenance and record-keeping requirements for septic systems and for buyers it serves as a guide to important information if the property they are purchasing is served by a septic system.

The brochures are available at no charge through IAR or can be picked up at PAAR.

New Search Controls

New Search Controls Add Flexibility to Paragon MLS Property Searches

By now, you’ve no doubt spotted the little pull down menus after the criteria fields in the Property Search section of the Paragon MLS system.
What you may not know if that they give you brand new ways to search for what you’re looking for by changing the way your criteria is applied to your search.
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AuthentiSign2Go for Tablet and Phone Signings – and no App to Download!

Great news! AuthentiSign, the Digital Signings service built in to Transaction Desk just got a lot better!

What lockbox is on your listing?

Have you assigned your lockboxes to your listing on the SentriLock System?  If you haven’t you should and here’s why.

With the addition of another great feature to the SentriLock system, it is now more important than ever to assign your lockboxes to your listings.  If you are using SentriSmart to gain entry to a lockbox and the listing comes up on your phone with a Yellow triangle, this indicates the lockbox is not assigned to the property.  Don’t be discouraged - you can still receive an access code to the property!   When you request the access code, it will ask you to enter the serial number of the lockbox (remember you don’t have to add the zeros at the beginning of the serial number).  Once entered, the app will provide you with an access code to open the key door

How To Pay Fees Online

Secure payments can be made online. Log on to your My Page from the PAAR website (same as your Singel Sign on and MLS Log In) and click the My PAAR Connection Logo.

For help logging in call 688.8591

NAR Supports Drone Use

NAR Voices Support for Use of Drones by Members in Letter to Feds

As the popularity of of UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) or “drone” photography began to take off earlier this year, the National Association of REALTORS® remained relatively mum on the subject in regards to the remote-controlled, camera equipped helicopters being used by REALTOR®S to present listings. Last week, however, NAR directly addressed Federal regulators who are drafting the rules which will govern commercial use of drones.

3rd Quarter and September Statistics

3rd Quarter and September stats are posted to the PAAR website. You can view full reports by logging in to the PAAR Website and clicking on NEWSROOM for an in-depth look.