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What You Need to Know To Renew


Broker licensees must complete ... 12 Hours of CE (6 Hrs. CORE - one CORE A and one CORE B and 6 hrs. Elective) by 04/30/14.

CE must be completed in the pre-renewal cycle of May 1, 2012 through April 30, 2014. If you were licensed 90 days prior to the renewal deadline you will be issued a license with the renewal deadline of the next cycle, thereby allowing you an additional 2 years to complete your CE. Not sure what you may need for this renewal?? Click Here


RRF & ILRF Deadline Extension

The new deadline for the REALTORS® Relief Foundation & the Illinois REALTORS® Relief application submission is now May 1st. Upon submitting the applications please make sure that each applicant has proper document support to expedite the process. Attached are the new applicants you may use.

NEW Down Payment Assistance

New IHDA Loans available, see if your clients qualify!!

Getting an IHDA Loan: Buying a home can be an exciting and intimidating process. With an IHDA loan, they strive to make the process as streamlined as possible so your clients can achieve their goal of homeownership. Click here for an overview of each loan type and find your client find the program that is right for them!

Lowes / NAR Partnership

Proudly Announcing Extension of Lowes/NAR Partnership
NAR Extends Long-Term Relationship with Lowe’s Companies, Inc. to Provide Exclusive Marketing Tool and Valuable Savings to REALTORS® Marketing & Business Development is pleased to announce the multi-year extension of NAR’s partnership with Lowe’s Companies, Inc., under the REALTOR Benefits® Program. March 2014 will mark the 9-year anniversary of this successful program

NEW Form & Process!

On February 26th, the process for reporting Notice of Exceptions to the MLS will be changing. A new form – accompanied by two new MLS Statuses will be released and agents will be required to report Notice of Exceptions through the Paragon MLS. READ MORE

“ Cheap” “Cheap” “Cheap”

Now is the time to start marketing for the Spring season! PAAR Marketing Center can provide you will high quality marketing at an affordable price. We can help with Homes Guide advertising, wine labels, new home cards, adhesive business labels, etc. Give us a call! (309) 688-6419


Will you help us????   We are updating our credit card authorization records. Lorraine Hazelwood sent out new credit card authorization forms to members we currently have on file.  In order to have the correct card information and authorization, we need to have these forms returned by April 15.  If you did not receive the new authorization form and wish to provide that information to us, click here to print, complete and return the form to us.

How To Pay Fees Online

Secure payments can be made online. This information can be obtained through the Financial drop down on the PAAR Website. You will first need to click on the Financial Icon then click on “Pay, View or Make Changes Online”. Enter your member ID and Date of Birth (must follow format as shown) to access this system.

Transfering Brokerages

If you are considering changing your company affiliation please review the following information.

The Broker you are leaving will terminate his sponsorship of you by signing and dating your license.  This action terminates your ability to list and sell real estate until you are sponsored by another Broker.  The former Broker will send a copy of the terminated license to IDFPR and PAAR along with a PAAR Membership Change Request form.  He will hand you the original license which you present to your new Broker.  The new Broker will issue you a 45 Day permit Sponsor card and forward a copy along with the $25 fee to IDFPR.  He will also send a copy of the 45 Day Permit to PAAR with a Membership Change Request form.  As soon as the new Broker issues this permit you are once again eligible to practice real estate. Please note:  You must carry a copy of the newly issued 45 Day permit Sponsor card until your new license is received from IDFPR.  The transfer in the MLS system will occur as soon as all documents are received and processed at PAAR.

Lost Your SentriCard

We all have at times misplaced something whether it is car keys, credit cards or glasses.  Find out what you should do if you lose your SentriCard.

If you lose your SentriCard please remember to notify PAAR as soon as possible.  The lost card will be immediately deactivated to protect the security of the system. The replacement cost is $25.00 and is due when you come in to pick up your new card.  PAAR is equipped with a photo card printer so your new card can be printed immediately.  In most cases if you have notified us of the loss in advance your new card will be ready and waiting for you to pick up.  Before you leave PAAR your new photo card is programed with your personalized pin code renewed, and tested to ensure it is in proper working order.

Too Many Lockboxes

Too Many Lockboxes in your inventory…… Return unused lockboxes now and save on your next quarterly invoice!!!

Invoices for 3rd quarter MLS fees will be sent out on May 13 and will include lockbox lease fees for lockboxes currently in your possession.  If you feel you have an excess amount of lockboxes in your inventory, now is the time to return any of those unwanted boxes.

Please note:  June 13, 2014 is the deadline without penalty fees and to return any lockboxes that you do not wish to lease for the next lease period of July through December 2014.  The penalty period for late payments is June 16 – 30, 2014.

2014 Spring CE Catalog

Get Registered  2014 Spring CE CATALOG

Includes Home Study, Combo, and Live classes January through April.

Would you prefer not to sit in class for 3 hour at a time? Would you like different options for how and when you take your CE classes? PAAR Center for Professional Education (PAARCPE) offers these options, Home Study courses and NEW Combo courses.