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Direction Signs—Peoria Public Works to “Sweep” Signs

Friendly Heads Up from the City of Peoria:
Hopefully you can pass this request on to the local Realtors.  We have been receiving a significant number of complaints over the past month about "house for sale" signs that are popping up at subdivision entrances.  They are not advertising any particular house, and most don't even have a person's name on them.  They just have the name of the company and an arrow.  These signs are all in the public right-of-way, and our Public Works Department has been removing them as they do general street work.  There will be a sweep coming up that will pull any that have not been removed.

Assigned Your Lockboxes

Have you assigned your lockboxes to your listing on the SentriLock System?  If you haven’t you should and here’s why.

With the addition of another great feature to the SentriLock system, it is now more important than ever to assign your lockboxes to your listings.  If you are using SentriSmart™ to gain entry to a lockbox and the listing comes up on your phone with a Yellow triangle, this indicates the lockbox is not assigned to the property.  Don’t be discouraged - you can still receive an access code to the property!   When you request the access code, it will ask you to enter the serial number of the lockbox (remember you don’t have to add the zeros at the beginning of the serial number).  Once entered, the app will provide you with an access code to open the key door.

Showing and Inspection Reminder

Please be reminded the seller’s property should be left as it was found including but not limited to: turning off lights you turned on, returning thermostat to original setting if moved up or down, closing closet doors, closing windows and doors (lock unless otherwise directed)--in general leave the property as found. Be sure to remove shoes and ask buyers to do the same, especially when there weather conditions warrant.

If you have any questions about locking up the property or other concerns, please contact the listing agent or owner for directions.

PAAR Annual Report

This report was compiled for the members offering an overview of 2014 and 2015 accomplishments as directed by the leadership; committees, task forces and board of directors. Watch for quarterly reports beginning the end of 1st quarter 2016 outlining current and pending programs, products and services provided by PAAR.

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Veterans Can Start Real Estate Careers Through GI Bill®

Military veterans who want to start a real estate career can use their GI Bill® benefits to attend the Illinois REALTORS® Licensing & Training Center. It is the only real estate school in the state that can provide training under the GI Bill®. Do you know a veteran who'd like to learn more about the GI Bill® and what we can offer? Visit now!
Resource: Illinois REALTORS®

Managing Broker's To Broker's License

Q: I currently hold a managing broker’s license, but I don’t think I would ever manage a real estate brokerage office again. Is there a method for me to revert to a broker’s license?