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What’s Required? All information Pertinent to the Listing

A change was made this week to the profile sheets and listing input removing the requirement of room-descriptive fields – along with the inclusion of a pop-up verification that all pertinent data about the listing had been entered. In the past, only Master Bedroom and Kitchen dimensions were required. Unfortunately, for some listings, this was the only room data that was being entered. Whether due to confusion because of the required fields – or a loophole for getting around entering complete and accurate data about the property, the MLS Committee agreed that a change must occur to ensure that all information pertinent to the property was being entered. Those skeletal listings served almost no value as comps. CLICK HERE to read more.

Village of Creve Coeur Update

Effective January 1, 2015...

All homes must have a village approved water meter, cost $195.00. Owner is responsible for installation. If the home already has a meter, please check with the village to make sure it is the current model the village requires.


We have just learned that this form has been changed as noted below, in addition to a fee increase. Be sure to review this form if working with clients in Tazewell County. Attachment.

Download SentriSmart for Easy Access to Lockboxes!

Download SentriSmart for Easy Access to Lockboxes!

Have you downloaded the SentriSmart App from the Apple App Store or Google Play?

If not, do it now! After you register the app to your phone, you’ll have an excellent alternative and backup to your Sentri-Card that will open lockboxes – even when you forget to update your card or leave it at home! You can even manage your own lockboxes – right from your phone!

Tip – The next time an agent calls for a one day code, tell them to download the app!

For more details and simple instructions, check out THIS VIDEO

Largest Paragon Features

Largest Single Paragon Features Enhancement Release Coming 7/17

Here’s something to celebrate – the biggest release of new Paragon features we’ve ever seen! Cool new search tools, improvements to Client Connect, Statistical Reporting and new Hover Tips to give you valuable information on the fly are just some of the new features coming on Thursday, July 17th. No system downtime is expected.

CLICK HERE for the full release notes

What You NEED to Know About Reciprocals

Want to get more exposure for your listings by reciprocally listing in another MLS?  Well you’re in luck!  All the resources for Reciprocal Listings are available on the PAAR website.   Click here for a step by step and more helpful tips!

How To Pay Fees Online

Secure payments can be made online. This information can be obtained through the Financial drop down on the PAAR Website. You will first need to click on the Financial Icon then click on “Pay, View or Make Changes Online”. Enter your member ID and Date of Birth (must follow format as shown) to access this system.

Volunteer Time At PAAR

July Statistics

July stats are posted to the PAAR website. You can view full reports by logging in to the PAAR Website and clicking on NEWSROOM for an in-depth look.