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Beware of Phishing Emails!

PAAR has recently received several inquiries regarding a phishing email that appears to be going to PAAR members.  

This particular email tries to trick you into opening "secure documents". You receive an email that looks like it is a DocuSign or EchoSign or Secure Adobe PDF notification with an important document attached that needs to be looked at.  The bad guys try to trick you into opening and clicking the attachments, and "enable macros" or "enable editing" but when you do, your workstation gets infected with malware or ransomware. 

Don’t get caught with a dead lockbox!!

Important Lockbox Battery Information Please Read - It’s important to monitor the life of the batteries in you lockboxes so you’re not caught with a dead lockbox hanging on a house.  To find the date when the batteries were last changed Insert your card into your card reader and click on My Lockboxes.  A list of all the boxes assigned to you is displayed - note the column entitled “Last Battery Replacement”.  If the date of the last battery replacement was in 2010 or 2011 you should definitely change the batteries NOW. READ MORE...

Text Messages Can Form Contract

From NAR Legal Division
NOVEMBER 16, 2016 
Two courts from Massachusetts have determined that parties can enter into a valid real estate purchase contract via text message. However, both courts ruled that no contract was formed via text, as the real estate professional lacked the authority to bind the principal in the first case and the purported agreement failed to satisfy the Statute of Frauds in the second instance. Read More.

Are you Tracking Leads using RealSatisfied?

Where are you getting the majority of your leads?  Most agents report the majority of their leads come from friends and past client referrals.  RealSatisfied was developed to help you share your reviews from your clients thus attracting future leads.  Ever heard the old saying bad news travels faster than good news? RealSatisfied helps you gather and share good news---the client testimonials are esthetically pleasing and easy to share via social media and with any luck they will travel fast!

SentriSmart™ Users – Please be careful

Please be very careful when you are using the SentriSmart app on your phone.  There have been reports of false notifications being sent out regarding the Missing Key function.  This function gives a SentriSmart ™user the ability to report to the listing agent the key is missing from a lockbox . SentriLock has been contacted and report no issues with their system.  So just a heads up to be extra careful with your fingers so everyone’s valuable time is not wasted!!!   Click here to learn more about the Missing Key function.