How To Apply For PAAR REALTOR® Membership

What Do I Submit To PAAR?

Please submit the following to Debra Hughes.

  • A properly completedREALTOR® Membership Application.
  • A properly completedMembership Change Form.
  • A copy of your Real Estate License (if received).
  • A headshot photo.
  • Payment by personal check, cash, VISA, MasterCard or Discover for the 08/01/20 to 12/31/20 Fees and 01/01/21 to 05/31/21 Fees (An overview of Membership Fees can be found by CLICKING HERE)

    NOTE: Application will not be processed until all items listed above have been received by PAAR. Once all items are received and processed at PAAR, the applicant will be contacted to set up an appointment to meet with the Membership Department to review fees, future billing and New Member Orientation dates. Agents will receive their login information and Sentricard at this time.

MANDATORY New Member Training Requirements

You are required to attend:

  • New Member Indoctrination Class. According to the PAAR Bylaws, all new (provisional) members are required to attend the Indoctrination Courses at the first available session from the time of application, (no later than the 2nd offering). These sessions are only offered quarterly. Failure to attend the second session offered will result in the revocation of your provisional membership and all services until the class requirements have been completed.
  • Paragon MLS System Training. 2020 Training Schedule. 2021 Training Schedule.